Thank you everyone! Comedy for Cancer 3 was a superb night!

Over $75,000 raised but we could do with more, click here to donate to ANZGOG.

Rock-on Comedy for Cancer 4!


Jean Kitson

The Sandman - Steve Abbott


Virginia Gay

hosted by Julie McCrossin and entertainment with James Valentine

November 8th 2008 - The Round House, University of NSW, in Support of ANZGOG


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Ovarian Cancer is the most common cause of Gynaecological Cancer Deaths in Australian Women.

We need your support to change this alarming statistic and improve outcomes for women with Ovarian Cancer as well as other Gynaecological Cancers.

One in three Australians will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Ovarian cancer is the most common cause of gynaecological cancer deaths in Australian women. Alarming statistics show that 1,200 Australian women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year and about 780 women will die as a result of this disease. Only approximately 45% of Australian women will survive ovarian cancer.

Furthermore, nearly 4000 Australian women are diagnosed every year with other forms of gynaecological cancers such as cancer of the cervix and uterus and over 1,000 of them will die every year leaving behind their loved ones to grieve. These cancers do not discriminate girls as young as 9 or 10 can get these cancers but thankfully, for most of them, it is curable.

Why? Because of research that is undertaken to improve treatments and survival outcomes.
Gynecological cancer is not openly discussed in Australia and there is a lack of understanding and knowledge in our community about them and their early symptoms, which is when they are most curable.

So who is helping Australian women to understand, detect and prevent gynaecological cancers? And who is researching these forms of cancer to save lives?

The Australia and New Zealand Gynaecological Oncology Group (ANZGOG) is a network of clinicians and researchers dedicated to improving prevention, detection, treatment and end of life care for women with gynaecological cancers. The network involves more than 150 medical specialists from 50 hospitals around Australia and New Zealand who are working together with colleagues from similar research groups all over the world and are carrying out Clinical Trials to identify the best treatments for gynaecological cancers.

Clinical Trials are widely recognised to be the best way to improve outcomes for all cancers and gynaecological cancers are no exception. One particular clinical trial that ANZGOG is currently conducting is researching women at increased genetic risk of ovarian cancer to start screening at age 24-30 and to consider risk-reducing surgery. Another trial involves the comparison of different combinations of the most promising new drugs to try and improve treatment further. Trials are also being conducted into measuring the benefit of treatment in women with recurrent advanced ovarian cancer as well as exciting new approaches to improve the survival of women with uterine cancer.

Cancer Australia and the NSW Cancer Institute provide funds for infrastructure support for the Trials Centre but do not fund Clinical Trials. Clinical Trials are expensive and the major limitation to carrying out trials is insufficient funds not a lack of ideas or concepts.

The University of Sydney administers and receives donations on behalf of the Group. More funds are urgently required to
complete clinical trials and to develop and initiate new research studies. This is why Comedy for Cancer has become the
biennial comedy event for Sydney and is an important fund raising event for ANZGOG.

Comedy for Cancer is an initiative to support the work of ANZGOG. In its third year, Comedy for Cancer will be held at Roundhouse, University of New South Wales on 8 November 2008. It promises to be a night of laughter, auctions, raffles and more.

And its all for a good cause with all proceeds going to Australia New Zealand Gynecological Oncology Group for ovarian cancer research.

The event will be hosted by Julie McCrossin, with Jean Kitson, The Sandman - Steve Abbott, Flacco and Virginia Gay.

Comedy For Cancer

October 30th 2004

Paddington RSL, Sydney, Australia.

Jackie Loeb
Shelly Silberman
Sue Lewis
and MC: Verushka Darling

Funds raised for ANZGOG; AU$40,000


Comedy For Cancer 2

November 4th 2006

The Round House, UNSW, Sydney, Australia.

Jackie Loeb
Darren Carr
Shelly Silberman
and MC: Georgie Parker

Funds raised for ANZGOG; AU$75,000